First Amendment Newsflash 4/23-5/14

Law school finals may be over, but First Amendment news never rests! Here is a quick update on some of the latest First Amendment news across the country.

To start things off let’s look to our home state of North Carolina. Steven Weiler, an Uber driver in Charlotte, NC, was asked by the Charlotte Douglas Airport to remove a “Trump 2020” bumper sticker if he wants to continue using the airport as a place of business. According to airport officials, the bumper stickers on Weiner’s car violate an agreement between Uber and the airport. The airport and Uber are currently reviewing the matter.

Moving further up north there is a potential ground shaking new federal lawsuit against the University of Michigan argues that the school’s speech regulations not only violate First Amendment rights but also violate their due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment because the provisions are so “unconstitutionally vague.” Speech First is bringing the suit. We will continue to follow the development of this case and provide you all with new updates.

In Supreme Court news the court has decided to hear the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra. Pregnancy centers in California have sued the state, arguing that the recently passed legislation forces them to speak the government’s message. California contends that the law is a reasonable regulation of licensed medical facilities. The Supreme Court will be left to decide if the clinic’s claim to a right to avoid being the messenger for the state is a valid interpretation of the First Amendment.

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