First Amendment Newsflash 7/9-7/23

Photo courtesy of Yelp Inc.

Federal News:

Judge Carol Bagley Amon of the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of New York held anti-abortion protesters outside the Choices Women’s Medical Center in Jamaica, Queens Clinic did not harass patients.

Dr. Seuss’ estate lost appeal to block Raunchy Dr. Seuss ‘Who’s Holiday!’ which the Second Circuit ruled was a parody and therefore protected under the fair use doctrine.

A Federal U.S. District Judge in Los Angeles withdrew a controversial order that required the Los Angeles Times to censor an article with information about a former Glendale, California police detective with alleged ties to the Mexican mafia.

A District Court judge in Denver held the Douglas County School District violated the First Amendment when it organized a fundraising drive for a religious mission trip to Guatemala.

State News:

California Supreme Court in Hassell v. Bird held Yelp cannot be ordered to take down online reviews.

Other News:

Lawyer argues on behalf of Michelle Carter, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving suicide instructions to her boyfriend, that a conviction based on words alone would infringe upon her First Amendment rights.

Washington, DC Police decided not to pursue charges against person leaving anti-semitic flyers around the area because the flyers were protected by the First Amendment and the person not considered a threat.

The State Department voluntarily settled with the founder of Defense Distributed, a Texas-based gun company, based on First and Second Amendment grounds, and starting August 1 the company will post 3D printable gun plans online.


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