Newsflash 7/23 – 8/6

Picture by Vvzvlad (Flickr: Liberator.3d.gun.vv.01), via Wikimedia Commons

Federal News:

The Fourth Circuit ruled the town of Mocksville violated the First Amendment rights of three police officers who were fired in 2011 after they tried to report allegations of corruption in the Mocksville Police Department to state agencies.

Federal Judge in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order which prevented the publication of online 3D blueprints of guns, after the U.S. State Department agreed to settle the case with the company on First and Second Amendment basis.

U.S. District Judge struck down Charleston’s tour-guide licensing law as unconstitutional under the First Amendment. The law required paid tour guides to obtain a license based on passing a test.

Other News:

Oregon high school settled with student, apologized, and paid him $25,000 for suspending him after he wore a border wall T-shirt to school.

The pool reporter for the White House press corps was banned from attending a Rose Garden press event after shouting questions directed to the President, which the White House deemed inappropriate.

A political science professor filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that her First Amendment rights are being violated by being represented by a Union with which she disagrees.



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