Iancu v. Brunetti is a trademark dispute in which Los Angeles artist Erik Brunetti sued the government, saying it violated the First Amendment by refusing to register the trademark for his “subversive” clothing line: FUCT.

A First Amendment conference is planned by the University of Central Oklahoma to coincide with the start of the 50th year of the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame.

President Trump signed an executive order  to withhold federal funds from universities found to restrict free speech on campus. While the guidelines — which have not yet been written — would ostensibly cover all types of speech, the impetus for the president’s actions was stories of conservative speakers being silenced. All this a day after Trump gave a speech in Ohio in which he criticized the media as “fake” and “phony.”

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, was once praised as a First Amendment hero. Last week he was arrested in London. Assange rose to fame and controversy after he leaked footage taken by a U.S. Army helicopter as it overflew a Baghdad suburb three years earlier, near the height of the Iraq War. After six years of near silence, Assange managed WikiLeaks from his small bedroom in the Ecuadoran Embassy, the group published tens of thousands of emails recently stolen from the Democratic National Committee — dramatically disrupting the party’s national convention.

Facebook faces continued scrutiny over its new approach to moderating speech on its online platform.

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