NEWSFLASH! 1/12-1/27

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Today the Fourth Circuit will hear arguments concerning the constitutionality of President Trump’s travel ban on immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. Lawyers asserting that the ban is unconstitutional are arguing that it targets immigrants for their religious views in violation of the Establishment Clause.  

The Los Angeles City Council unanimously repealed an ordinance requiring companies to disclose any connections with the National Rifle Association if they apply for contracts with the city. The repeal comes after a federal judge blocked enforcement of the ordinance after the NRA argued that it violated First Amendment rights to free speech.  

Controversy arose after the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. formally blessed the “official Bible for the new U.S. Space Force,” a military group recently created for space operations. The Bible will be used to swear-in new members of the Force. Critics have argued that the blessing and use of the Bible is a violation of the separation between Church and State, basic First Amendment law.  

A Michigan appellate court has struck down recent amendments to the state’s ballot drive law. The amendments created caps on how many signatures could be collected from the state’s 14 Congressional districts thus “dramatically increasing the cost and difficulty of mounting successful citizen petition campaigns.” The court vacated the amendments noting that they placed burdens on political speech.  

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