TheĀ First Amendment Law Review (FALR) is a student-edited legal journal that seeks to promote and protect the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution through publishing scholarly writings on, and promoting discussion of, issues related to the First Amendment.

FALR publishes professional and student articles for the benefit of scholars and practitioners. Professional contributions are composed of scholarly pieces, symposium papers, and novel, interesting essays regarding the First Amendment.

Interested authors may send submissions to falr@unc.edu, or submit articles through ExpressO for review and consideration.

FALR publishes three issues per year: Fall, Winter/Symposium, and Spring. All issues are available both on the FALR website and in legal databases after publication. FALR was established at the University of North Carolina School of Law in 2002. We are currently publishing Volume 16.

Cite as: First Amend. L. Rev.

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