Archive: 2016

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Abortion Ambiguities Remain Post-Face Act

By Elizabeth C. Nye, Staff Member (Vol. 14)


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Protecting Domestic Violence Victims or Depriving the World of the Next Eminem?: A Brief Examination of Elonis v. United States

By Jenica D. Hughes, Staff Member (Vol. 14), Executive Editor (Vol. 15)


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Coping with Unprecedented Connectivity: Citizens and Police

By Alexander M. French, Staff Member (Vol. 14).


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Cecil the Lion’s Roar: Libel in an Internet Age

By Elizabeth (Beth) A. Kapapoulos, Staff Member (Vol. 14), Chief Staff Editor (Vol. 15).


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Senate Bill 2 and the Establishment Clause

By Hillary Li, Staff Member (Vol. 14).


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Firearm “Gag Order” Bound to Miss Its Mark

By Jonathan C. Jakubowski, Staff Member (Vol. 14).


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“Chilling” Campaign Finance Law Upheld

By Joseph M. (Max) Swindle, Staff Member (Vol. 14), Notes Editor (Vol. 15).