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Elonis: Confusing Both the Educated Judge and the Everyday Facebook User

By Garrett Rider, Staff Member (Vol. 15)



Stolen Valor; Stolen Voices

By Jack Middough, Staff Member (Vol. 15); Articles Editor (Vol. 16)


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Fraud, A Weak Copyright Claim, and What Might Have Been: A Brief Examination of Garcia v. Google, Inc.

By Jennifer Davis, Staff Member (Vol. 15)


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Exposed: How Mugshots Expanded Government Secrecy

By Amber Lee, Staff Member (Vol. 15); Online Editor (Vol. 16)



The Teacher Followed Me Home: Bell and a School’s Control of Student Speech Outside the Classroom

By Kirstin Vinal, Staff Member (Vol. 15); Notes Editor (Vol. 16)



The Future of Cyberbullying Legislation in North Carolina

By Hanna Fox, Staff Member (Vol. 15)



What’s That Sign Say?: A Brief Examination of the Four Opinions in Reed v. Town of Gilbert

By Emily Jessup, Staff Member (Vol. 15); Chief Staff Editor (Vol. 16)



NC’s Campus Free Speech Act Disappoints Speakers by Furthering Status Quo

By Lindsie Trego, Staff Member (Vol. 15); Symposium Editor (Vol. 16)


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President Trump Promised to “Totally Destroy” the Johnson Amendment: Did He?

By Trey Bright, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse, or Suppressing Free Speech: Packingham v. North Carolina

By Joscelyn Solomon, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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Brummer v. Wey: When Does an Injunction Go Too Far?

By Devin Gustafson, Staff Member (Vol. 16)



Dear College Campuses: Meet the First Amendment

By Alexandra Baruch Bachman, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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A Political Playground: Trinity, Choices, and the Separation of Church and State

By Tyra Pearson, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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Protesting the Flag: The NFL and the First Amendment

By Matt Hinson, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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Protecting Protestors’ First Amendment Rights, or Silently Supporting a Government’s View? Charlottesville Under the Government Speech Doctrine

By Sarah Rozek, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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North Carolina’s First Amendment: Provisional Protections for Liberty in a State Constitution

By Adam Griffin, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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Blaine Amendments–Friends or Foes of the Constitution? The Impact of Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer

By Kayla Rowsey, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, and Words (Can Sometimes) Hurt Me: Commonwealth v. Carter and Words That Kill

By Jasmine Plott, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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N.C. House Bill 330: Immunizing Drivers Who Accidentally Hit Protestors 

By Kaleigh Darty, Staff Member (Vol. 16)