Blog Archive: 2018

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Do You Have a Constitutional Right to Your Mimosa at Sunday Brunch?

By Lindsay Frazier, Staff Member (Vol. 16)



Masterpiece Cake Shop: A Recipe for Constitutional Avoidance

By Jonathan Zator, Staff Member (Vol. 16)


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Rowan County Commissioner Prayer: Coercive or Tradition?

By Sabrina Heck, Staff Member (Vol. 16)



The Price of Free Speech: A Brief Examination of Expressions Hair Design et al. v. Schneiderman

By Samantha Aparicio, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

The End of Whistleblowing in North Carolina? A Brief Examination of North Carolina’s Property Protection Act

By Roy Jacobs, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

Georgia and Delta Relationship Hits Turbulence

By Sabrina Heck, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

Viral Videos and Violations: The First Amendment on University Campuses

By Rachel LaBruyere, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

Freeing the Word to Subordinate the Woman

By Rachel Kokenes, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

Carpenter v. United States: The Threat Posed by Increased Government Access to Business Data

By Evan Dancy, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

A Different Take on Lund and the Scope of Legislative Prayer

By Corey Noland, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

The Effects of Reed v. Town of Gilbert on Panhandling Laws

By Megan Shook, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

Packingham v. North Carolina: A Precautionary Approach to the Modern Public Square

By Jack F. Williams, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

Policing Gender in Violation of the First Amendment

By Emma Ferriola-Bruckenstein, Staff Member (Vol. 16)

“Silent Sam” and Freedom of Speech. An intersection of the “marketplace of ideas,” viewpoint discrimination, and government speech

By Robert Daniel, Staff Member (Vol. 17)

“I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me”: Police Infiltration of Protests

By Wilson Greene, Staff Member (Vol. 17)

Not Peace, but a Sword: Janus and the weaponizing of free speech

By Daniel J. Root, Staff Member (Vol. 17)