NEWSFLASH! 3/9-4/6

As social distancing mandates remain in effect across the country due to the COVID-19 outbreak, large gatherings are largely prohibited. And while many trial courts have continued cases, appellate courts continue to issue decisions. Accordingly, some First Amendment issues remain in the news. Here are a couple of recent headlines: Despite restrictions in every state, … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 3/9-4/6

NEWSFLASH! 1/27-2/10

Greetings, First Amendment fans! Be sure to check out this blog for bi-weekly posts written by our journal's staff members in addition to these Newsflashes--run-downs of recent First Amendment news. Here are some particularly interesting headlines: Republican Rep. Brady Brammer of Utah has introduced a bill which would require pornographic material to carry warning labels--similar … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 1/27-2/10

NEWSFLASH! 1/12-1/27

Thanks for checking out this week’s Newsflash! Be sure to also check out our latest edition of FALR, Volume 18 Fall Issue. Today the Fourth Circuit will hear arguments concerning the constitutionality of President Trump’s travel ban on immigration from predominantly Muslim countries. Lawyers asserting that the ban is unconstitutional are arguing that it targets … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 1/12-1/27

NEWSFLASH! 8/5-9/2

Another semester has begun, we have a new writing staff, and we’re excited to bring you the latest First Amendment scholarship! Here are some recent First Amendment headlines: In 2017, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin sued the New York Times for defamation after the newspaper published an editorial suggesting that actions taken by Palin’s political … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 8/5-9/2