NEWSFLASH! 4/29-5/13

Happy Monday! Here is your latest First Amendment News! The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Department of Homeland Security alleging that border agents are warrantlessly searching travelers’ electronic devices in violation of their Fourth and First Amendment rights. In a motion for summary judgement, the organization claims that such searches have the potential to chill speech because … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 4/29-5/13


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! Here is the latest First Amendment news! Donald Trump Beats Lawsuit Over Hacked DNC Emails Despite Losing First Amendment Argument The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled that a police officer cannot pull over a driver for inappropriate gestures. North Carolina’s newly elected sheriff’s are … Continue reading Newsflash!


Happy post-Super Bowl Monday! Here is your latest First Amendment news! Edmonds bakery owner, Ken Bellingham, unapologizes for designing and selling "Build the Wall" cookies. FDA crackdown on labeling Almond Milk as 'Milk" could violate the First Amendment A federal magistrate judge this week recommended that a ban on conversion therapy in Tampa, be partially … Continue reading Newsflash!!


Happy MLK Day!! Here is the latest First Amendment News! Top Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature violated the First Amendment when they blocked a liberal advocacy group from seeing their Twitter feeds, a federal judge  The Women’s March kicked off Saturday in Washington, D.C., shortly after leaders released a sweeping policy document that includes opposition … Continue reading NEWSFLASH!