NEWSFLASH! 2/24-3/9

Happy Monday! Although FALR staffers are enjoying a week of Spring Break, First Amendment doesn't stop! Here are some recent headlines: The Oklahoma House of Representatives has passed a bill that prohibits the state from contracting with any companies that boycott Israel.  The law states that the Oklahoma “shall not enter into a contract with … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 2/24-3/9

Fear and Loathing in the Court: Justice Thomas’s Audience of One in McKee v. Cosby

By: Zachary Tooman Lamenting Richard Nixon’s nomination of William Rehnquist for Associate Justice in December 1971, Dr. Hunter Thompson labeled Rehnquist a “vengeful geek” who would, along with fellow nominee Lewis Powell, “reduce the U.S. Supreme Court to the level of a piss-poor bowling team in Memphis,” and create a “disastrous, nazi-bent shift of the … Continue reading Fear and Loathing in the Court: Justice Thomas’s Audience of One in McKee v. Cosby

NEWSFLASH! 8/5-9/2

Another semester has begun, we have a new writing staff, and we’re excited to bring you the latest First Amendment scholarship! Here are some recent First Amendment headlines: In 2017, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin sued the New York Times for defamation after the newspaper published an editorial suggesting that actions taken by Palin’s political … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 8/5-9/2

NEWSFLASH! 4/29-5/13

Happy Monday! Here is your latest First Amendment News! The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against Department of Homeland Security alleging that border agents are warrantlessly searching travelers’ electronic devices in violation of their Fourth and First Amendment rights. In a motion for summary judgement, the organization claims that such searches have the potential to chill speech because … Continue reading NEWSFLASH! 4/29-5/13