Volume 10 Articles

Fall Issue 2011

Revisiting the Right to Offend Forty Years After Cohen v. California: One Case’s Legacy on First Amendment Jurisprudence by Clay Calvert

Civility in Government Meetings: Balancing First Amendment, Reputational Interests, and Efficiency by Terri Day & Erin Bradford

Take One Step Forward: Federal Courts Continue to Find that Volunteers Are Shielded from Retaliation Based on Protected Speech Under the First Amendment by David A. Grenardo, Samuel D. Davis & Thomas M. Gutting

Pearson v. Callahan and Qualified Immunity: Impact on First Amendment Law by David L. Hudson, Jr.

The Skinny on the Federal Menu-Labeling Law & Why it Should Survive a First Amendment Challenge by Dayna B. Royal

Symposium Issue 2012

Discrimination By and Against Religion by Martin E. Marty

Treating Religion Differently by Melissa Rogers

Still a Threshold Question: Refining the Ministerial Exception Post-Hosanna-Tabor by Mark E. Chopko & Marissa Parker

Joyner v. Forsyth County Board of Commissioners: The Constitutionality of Sectarian Legislative Prayer by Katherine Lewis Parker

RLUIPA and Mosques: Enforcing A Fundamental Right in Challenging Times by Eric Treene

A First Amendment Analysis of Anti-Sharia Initiatives by Asma T. Uddin & Dave Pantzer

Spring Issue 2012

Rules of General Applicability by Jeffrey M. Shaman

Implications of Libel Doctrine For Nondefamatory Falsehoods Under the First Amendment by Nat Stern

The Repercussions of Losing the Right to Respond: Why Matching Funds Should Be Constitutional for Judicial Elections Even After Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s Freedom Club PAC v. Bennett by J. Alexandra Gonzales

Cooking Up a New Lemon Test: The Establishment Clause, Displays of Religious Objects, and Lessons from India by Christopher J. Heaney

Making the Argument that the Smith-Mundt Act Has Little Control over the Press’ Publication of U.S. Government-Produced Foreign News by Brett Holladay

The Lost Democratic Institution of Petitioning: Public Employee Collective Bargaining as a Constitutional Right by Catherine Phillips

Faith Healing Exceptions Versus Parens Patriae: Something’s Gotta Give by Rebecca Williams