Volume 14

Fall Issue 2015

A Struggle for Recognition: The Controversy over Religious Liberty, Civil Rights, and Same-Sex Marriage by Steven J. Heyman

Professor, Chicago-Kent College of Law

Fighting Slurs: Contemporary Fighting Words and the Question of Criminally Punishable Racial Epithets by William C. Nevin

Lecturer, University of West Alabama

The Epistemic Neutrality of the Marketplace of Ideas: Milton, Mill, Brandeis, and Holmes on FAlsehood and Freedom of Speech by Christoph Bezemek

Associate Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business

Revisiting the Right to Fair Warning after Garcia v. Does by Caleb Hayes-Deats

Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of New York

Rethinking the Context of Hate Speech Regulation by Robert A. Kahn

Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas School of Law

Spring Issue 2016

Town of Greece and City of Saguenay: Non-establishment Principles with or without an Establishment Clause by Donald L. Beschle

Disaggregating Corpus Christi: Illiberal Implications of Hobby Lobby’s Right to Free Exercise by Katherine Jackson

Killer Cartoons: Islamophobia, Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, and the Possible Limitations of Free Speech by Chidi Madu

University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2017

Editor-in-Chief (Vol. 15)

Preventing an Ex Machina Future: Search Engine Speech and the Advisor Theory by Luke Pettyjohn

Staff Member (Vol. 14)

Striking a Balance: Ensuring the Safety and Efficacy of a Drug’s Use, while Recognizing the First Amendment Protection of Truthful, Non-Misleading Off-label Drug Communications by Hannah Combs

University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2017

Symposium Editor (Vol. 15)

Symposium Issue 2015

A “Comparative” Analysis of the Academic Freedom of Public University Professors by Vikram Amar

Academic Freedom in the “Guarded” Institution by Douglas B. McKechnie and Eric Merriam

Litigating Free Speech Issues In the Trenches by Robert M. O’Neil

Keynote Speech: Current Threats to Free Speech on Campus by Robert Shibley

Academic Freedom and Political Correctness in Uncivil Times by Rodney A. Smolla