Volume 15

Volume 15 Fall Issue

Tinker Remorse: On Threats, Boobies, Bullying, and Parodies by Mark Strasser

Professor, Capital University Law School

Medical Futility and Religious Free Exercise by Teneille Ruth Brown

Professor, University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law and Adjunct Professor of Internal Medicine, University of Utah

Open-Carry: Open-Conversation or Open-Threat? by Daniel Horwitz

Articles Editor (Vol. 15)

A First Amendment Analysis of Voting Rights of the Mentally Incapacitated: Why are you calling me an idiot, why can’t I vote? by Tiffany Yates

Articles Editor (Vol. 15)

Volume 15 Spring Issue

How the FCC Killed the Fairness Doctrine: A Critical Evaluation of the 1985 Fairness Report Thirty Years After “Syracuse Peace Council” by Mark R. Arbuckle, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Pittsburg State University

The Right to Post: How North Carolina’s Revenge Porn Statute Can Escape Running Afoul of the First Amendment Post-Bishop by Ashton Cooke

Staff Member (Vol. 15)

Praying for Touchdowns: Contemporary Law and Legislation for Prayer in Public School Athletics by Annie Blekenship, J.D. Ph.D., and Brett A. Geir, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Southern Mississippi

Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University

Student Journalists v. School Administrators: A Structured Way to Resolve Editorial Disputes by Jonathan Peters, J.D., Ph.D. and Breanna McCarthy, J.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas


Twitter in the Age of Terrorism: Can a “Retweet” Constitute a “True Threat”? by Taylor Spencer

Staff Member (Vol. 15)

Volume 15 Symposium Issue

Free Speech and “A Law of Rules” by Ashutosh Bhagwat

Professor, University of California, Davis, School of Law

Justice Scalia’ Legacies by Michael J. Gerhardt

Professor, University of North Carolina School of Law

Peyote and Ghouls in the Night: Justice Scalia’s Religion Clause Minimalism by John D. Inazu

Sally D. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Law and Religion, Washington University School of Law

Justice Scalia and Fourth Estate Skepticism by RonNell Anderson Jones

Professor, University of Utah College of Law

Justice Scalia and Abortion Speech by Timothy Zick

Mills E. Godwin, Jr. Professor of Law, William & Mary Law School