Volume 2 Articles

Symposium Issue 2004

The Historical Context of the Failed Federal Blaine Amendment of 1876 by Ward M. McAfee

Why a State Exclusion of Religious Schools From School Choice Programs is Unconstitutional by Thomas C. Berg

The Theology of the Blaine Amendments by Richard W. Garnett

Reconstructing the Blaine Amendments by Frederick Mark Gedicks

“Blaming Blaine”: Understanding the Blaine Amendment and the “No-Funding” Principle by Steven K. Green

Blaine Amendments, Anti-Catholicism, and Catholic Dogma by Marc D. Stern

The “Blaine” Debate: Must States Fund Religious Schools? by Laura S. Underkuffler

Spring Issue 2005

Establishing Bonds Between Church and State: The Issuance of Tax-Exempt bonds for Religious Institutions by Martha Ratnoff Fleisher

The Constitutionality of “Rescue Fund Triggers” in North Carolina’s Judicial Campaign Reform Act by Jason Bradley Kay & Jack McDaniel Sawyer

Fixing the Faulty Forum Framework: Changing the Way Courts Analyze Free Speech Cases by W. Brent Woodall

Right to Privacy? Why the Private Facts Tort Cannot Coexist with the First Amendment by David C. Adkins

University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2005

Editor-in-Chief (Vol. 3)

Freedom to Petition: The Tort Reform Opponent’s Untapped Resource by Angela W. Garcia Lamarca

Freedom of Expression and Interactive Media: Video Games and the First Amendment by Carmen K. Hoyme

University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2005

Executive Editor (Vol. 4)

Disorder in the Courts: Public School Student Expression on the Internet by Brian Oten

University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2006

Managing Editor(Vol. 4)