Volume 7 Articles

Symposium Issue 2008

Academic Speech in the Post by Garcetti Environment – Robert M. O’Neill

Against Legislation: Garcetti v. Ceballos and the Paradox of Statutory Protection by Ruben Garcia

Academic Freedom and the Post-Garcetti Blues by Sheldon Nahmod

Government Workers and Government Speech by Helen Norton

When are Public Employees Not Really Public Employees? by Ramona L. Paetzold

Garcetti’s Impact on the First Amendment Speech Rights of Federal Employees by Paul M. Secunda

Spring Issue 2009

This Court Took a Wrong Turn with Bates: Why the Supreme Court should Revisit Lawyer Advertising by Ralph H. Brock

Punishing Public School Students for Bashing Principals, Teachers & Classmates in Cyberspace: The Speech Issue the Supreme Court Must now Resolve by Clay Calvert

Divided We Fall: Religion, Politics, and the Lemon Entanglements Prong by Stephen M. Feldman

Propagating a Lemon: How the Supreme Court Establishes Religion in the Name of Neutrality by Anita Y. Woundenberg

Exorcising our Free Exercise Jurisprudence: A New Interpretation of Free Exercise in Pleasant Glade Assembly of God v. Schubert by Thomas Clark

Bring Your Dogma to Work Day: The Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2007 and the Public Workplace by Gretchen S. Futrell

Cybersmears and John Doe: How Far Should First Amendment Protection of Anonymous Internet Speakers Extend by Jonathan D. Jones

University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2010

Publications Editor (Vol. 8)

Drawing the Line: Buckley’s Impact on the Intersection of Contributions and the First Amendment by Stefanie Dresdner Lincoln

University of North Carolina School of Law, Class of 2010

Articles & Notes Editor (Vol. 8)